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Mirror Maze M̶u̶s̶i̶c̶

HUIAS Father

Cassette Tape + Digital download

 10,00 inc. VAT

Father is as confrontational as it is inviting. There lies the mystery of a work that dives in the uncomfortable depths of a relationship; yearning to be accepted and understood yet still showing its teeth, as if to scare us away, or maybe just warn us of the dangers ahead. But this is ultimately pop music and, at its core, Father is a collection of catchy melodies and intricate beats that hook you in and never let go.

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Limited Edition
Cassette Tape + Digital download

You’ll receive HUIAS’s Father recorded on high quality cassette decks to black chrome cassette tape, packaged in clear cases with double-sided, full-colour printing on J-card along with an inset of 260 x 101mm on high quality, 150gr paper; all inside a handpainted, numbered wooden box. You will also receive your download card including the code to download the music as MP3.

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